Quarantine Tanks Why And How

Welcome to another episode of my podcasts
Quarintine Tanks Why And How

Welcome to your hosts humble opinions based on 40 years in the aquatics retail business and aquarium maintenance. Sometimes a little criticism and sarcasm go along way

Hope you enjoyed the podcast. Find us at fishystuff.net or on Facebook group at just fish biloxi


One thought on “Quarantine Tanks Why And How

  1. Steve says:

    I agree 100% but my first attempt at saltwater fish ending in disaster with all fish dying from ich. Since I started quarantining my fish I have not lost one even with all the stress I have put some of them through and all the fish I have now in my FOWLR tank are healthy. I will continue to quarantine all my fish and everything else. You have to understand we are not as experienced as you are. Maybe if we were we could do away with quarantining but until I have 40 years of experience I will continue to q everything. It’s been the best thing I have ever done and since I buy almost everything from you it keeps me coming back. Great podcast especially for those who might not know how to quarantine but want to do so. See you soon. I need a Blue Hippo Tang


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