2 thoughts on “Assholes and Pinky finger….wtf is he talking about?

  1. Wes says:

    LOL! Great blog—-you almost Vibrio money hand infected asshole!

    Some people will challenge God himself. I have NEVER seen you be an ass to anyone so don’t worry. In our current society everyone seems to get butt-hurt just because the wind blows. Screw ’em! That just leaves the rest of us more stuff to buy and more time to bullshit!


  2. BobbyGlenda Perryman says:

    First time today visiting your podcast and we love it. AWESOME information. Thanks Ger! I just wanna say you &your staff has been a blessn, Roger have been helping us flush ALL the bad stuff learned and replacing it with good–it shows in our (salt water) tanks. We travel from George county for advice, purchases or just because :-)–thank you!!!!!


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