One thought on “Anniversary Podcast – Best 20 sec ever – Frustration

  1. Sandy says:

    I hear Bella putting in her two cents worth!! lol Yes,,,, you are my opinionated hero!! Happy Anniversary you guys!! We love y’all!! I like my pizza heated up in a toaster oven. I like my crust crispy! Good lord,,,, I have been in all three situations and then some,,, I’m still here. Algae out the waa-zoo work it out. Fish die, hell, let’s buy another one and see if it dies also. Yep, another dead fish. Buy another one, only different,,,, IT LIVES!!! Still have a little algae and I blame it on a lazy ass foxface!!
    Enjoy your pizza. AND FIX THE AUDIO ISSUE!!! Betta go for now. See you guys in the funnies!! Rock on!!


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